xDAC-Build Your Decentralized Company

xDAC is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Companies.

xDAC Platform aggregates three components together in one site, automates them, so system is helpful for company and their customers. Companies have manage over their governance, finances and their respective team. Business partners have confidence that companies they handle with are reliable and solvent by using a transparent system of governance and dispute decision.

An xDAC Platform is focused on creating a comprehensive framework for entrepreneurs, teams, autonomous agents or investors in crypto space who can benefit from decentralization.

xDAC is an entity created and operated on decentralized digital ledger by one or multiple person or Autonomous Agent owners or a mixture of both that share a common purpose and unites in order to focus their various talents and organize their collectively available skills or resources to achieve specific, declared goals.

xDAC Platform is the public’s smart contracts layer which provides an open sourced implementation of the key components creating not only an environment but the governance for decentralized applications (DApps) and Autonomous Agents to be built on.

About xDAC ICO
The xDAC ICO comes with a strong business focus, offering a utility token that enables company or organizational expansion in a whole new way. Housed on top of EOS and essentially an offshoot or subclass of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), xDAC is a blockchain-based platform geared for emerging xDAC companies and associations.

An xDAC is a company or other organization running on a decentralized network that has an inbuilt PoW (Proof of Work) incentive protocol, as well as comprehensive management and governance tools.

The network also encompasses a support system for DApps, essentially allowing linked yet autonomous offshoots of the parent company to arise in the same mold anywhere in the world. This means that expansion is now facilitated by the blockchain in a rapid, secure and decentralized manner.

Another difference between an xDAC company and the typical single entity hierarchy is that corporate or organizational governance is regulated by the xDAC platform. Designed as a “self-sustainable decentralized ecosystem consisting of businesses motivated to reap the benefits of their success without geographical limitations,” according to the project’s developers, xDAC is focused on business growth facilitation and management.

Why Is xDAC Better?
Organizations, associations and businesses particularly face huge challenges in expansion, particularly distant expansion into other countries. They need to split resources, invest time and money and still maintain their existing domestic service levels while also ideally presenting as ready-made in the new commercial arena.

xDAC allows businesses to develop, manage and govern expansion in a decentralized manner, balancing autonomy with existing CI and protocols, allowing for rapid expansion into new geographical markets.

Any xDAC ecosystem can be seen as a number of distinct technological layers that are strategically connected. Through the utility token and employment of open, smart contracts, xDAC allows for the implementation of key aspects of expansion, providing the base building blocks that enable governance for DApps and management of autonomous agents in a rapid organic setup.Project and team management, scheduling and monitoring of tasks as well as automated payments are all faster, more fluid and more cost-effective on the xDAC platform.

xDAC eliminates the traditional constraints associated with expansion, as well as much of the expense generated by needed oversight. There is no longer the need for the typical considerations around expansion, nor the usual large tax on the company coffers in implementation, as all of the management and many of the developmental issues are now decentralized and tightly governed on the blockchain.

The xDAC platform is a well thought out offering that is capable of addressing a common desire of modern business – global expansion. Essentially enabling team and project management while shaving costs and facilitating almost any aspect of business growth, the xDAC ICO has tremendous legitimacy and potential application.

In the words of the team themselves: “The focus of an xDAC Platform is based on company creation and token distribution. It also establishes standards for decentralized businesses. Whether it’s taking full advantage of decentralized ledger technology, automated dispute resolution or security of stored information, the platform lets anyone create and manage any kind of company without the limitations of geography.”

With a potential client base of millions, xDAC is aiming at defining modern business growth’s tools and behavior.

xDAC Project Official Links

Website: https://www.xdac.co

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xdacco



Project Roadmap:https://www.xdac.co/#roadmap

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