WULET-Crypto Cashback

WULET — crypto-cashback from everyday purchases

Introduction to Wulet

WULET is a blockchain platform that will give its users the opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life, and businesses the chance to attract new clients and keep their current clientele.Payment information is uploaded onto WULET using a QR-code.
You can spend your bonuses on partner marketplaces, save in the form of cryptocurrency, or sell them on market terms.

Advantages of Wulet
1.All discounts and promotions are located in one app, WULET, and you don’t need to go through each programm individually.
2.You receive profits, and the store gets a loyal client.

3.Besides simple and profitable ways to get cryptocurrency for an average user, WULET will provide shops and other establishments with the instruments for a quick launch of cryptocurrency loyalty programmes under unified conditions and without any expenditure of resources.

To popularise the everyday use of cryptocurrency by creating a blockchain platform that will allow clients to monetize all available bonus programms, and contractors to save resources and attract new clients.

Project Details can found on official website: http://wulet.io

Wulet Objectives
The Platform is oriented at once toward the members of the b2c market, and also toward the average user, who wants to monetize their bonus points from loyalty programms in everyday life.

Despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, only a few people have them at their disposal. WULET has as its main goal the popularization of cryptocurrency as a common payment instrument.

The popularization of cryptocurrency as a common payment instrument is one of the main tasks of Besides this, blockchain technologies will allow.

To create a cryptographically protected system of mutual payments that will lower the risks of fraud in the field of loyalty systems;
To increase the users’ trust in the WULET platform by guaranteeing the transparency of its activity and the use of smart-contracts.
Key capabilities of WULET

A transparent system of the receipt of cashback in WU tokens: all contractors provide their clients with unified conditions;
A quick way to accumulate bonus points: the bonuses from different contractors are accumulated in a unified WULET cryptobalance;
Various opportunities to use the WU tokens: the marketplaces that accept WU tokens as a payment instrument, exchange for other cryptocurrencies on different exchanges, conversion to fiat money.
A very simple, fast and safe way to get cryptocurrency for everyday activities.
A quick launch of loyalty programmes by сontractors.All the necessary infrastructure is now available

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