Smart Trip Platform-A blockсhain-enabled ecosystem for unforgettable trips

A blockсhain-enabled ecosystem

that connects travelers and travel service providers to create unforgettable trips

with the arrival of the blockchain technology. Use of tokens, decentralized structures, smart contracts will soon define the new face of the travel industry.

The Smart Trip platform is created as a revolutionary ecosystem that will bring together travelers and tourist service providers from all across the globe. It is both an ultimate resource for organizing trips and a dynamic self-organizing community. The Smart Trip platform will provide its users with all the advantages of the blockchain technology.instant and secure payments, transparency of transactions, safe decentralized data storage, a well developed conflict resolution system, and infinite opportunities for expansion.

White Paper, introduces the issues commonly encountered by both travelers and service providers – issues that cannot be solved within the existing travel industry framework. Lack of proper communication, high fees, insufficient access to information – all these cause disappointment to tourists and a loss of potential income to service providers.

The Smart Trip platform as a unique all-encompassing solution for both travelers and service providers. Its versatile architecture and an extensive list of services that will ultimately make the Smart Trip platform in invaluable resource for all travelers striving for authenticity.

The social network features of the platform will engage users even more.The Smart trip examines the latest trends in the travel market and then proceed to describe the financial aspects of the platform’s operation.where its revenues will come from, how the marketing campaign will be organized, and why the Smart Trip Platform community will grow with viral speed.Stages of the token generation process, discounts, crowdsale success criteria, etc can be found in Whitepaper.

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