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The newest airdrop announcement comes from Travala (AVA), (previously Concierge (CGE),recently rebranded), to qualify for the AVA airdrop you need to have at least 2000 Switcheo (SWH) in your NEO wallet. The airdrop campaign will begin on May 18, 2018 and the snapshot will be taken on the 18th as well. AVA will be listed on Switcheo exchange, May 22, 2018.

Concierge decided to rebrand to Travala because they felt it was important to have a .com website domain. Unfortunately the domain for Concierge was purchased before they were able to acquire it. Having a .com domain would attract more attention and in my opinion, Travala is more appealing than Concierge.

Use the following links for more information.

AVA airdrop announcement

Telegram announcements



Master Contract Airdrop

All NEO addresses that had received a transfer of any NEP-5 token on the NEO mainnet before May 8, 2018 would receive 1000 Master Contract Tokens (MCT). So that means if you at any point, prior to May 8th, had an NEP-5 token in your wallet, you will get 1000 MCT for each token. For example, if you had Ontology and Red Pulse, you will receive 2000 MCT.

This airdrop comes from Splyse development group, the same development team behind the HashPuppies game. See my previous blog for more information about the airdrop and the use case for MCT.

Join MCT’s official discord for any questions you may have.

Spotcoin Airdrop

May 7th, Spotcoin announced they would be having an airdrop for those that hold Red Pulse (RPX), QLink (QLC), Switcheo (SWH) and Effect AI (EFX). Please see my blog for full explanation

The airdrop registration will begin May 14th but it is advised to go ahead and register for an account on Spotcoin website now and you can do so with this link

Please pay attention to the individual NEP5 token registration dates for the airdrop.

The airdrop registration times are as follows:

*RPX* holders May 14th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through May 20th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)

*QLC* holders May 21st 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through May 27th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)

*SWH* holder May 28th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through June 3rd 6:00 pm (GMT +4)

EFX* holders June 4th 6:00 pm (GMT +4) through June 10th 6:00 pm (GMT +4)

Epiphany Airdrop

Epiphany announced their airdrop announcement per reddit user

Join here

Epiphany did not have and ICO, they had private investors only.

Their vision, quoted from their Medium Blog:

“ Becoming a first-rate global super trading engine platform for digital assets; enabling licensed institutes to rapidly establish their own trading system for digital assets based on EPIPHANY; enabling each participant to trade in a relieved and safe way; and enabling each regulatory authority to monitor EPIPHANY’s operation in real time to reach openness, transparency, and compromise”


See the bounty here

Epiphany telegram


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