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The mobility ecosystem that turns your miles moved & driven into rewards

Moveco is proposed as a blockchain based model that would help link and add to data of consumer usage of different mobility solutions. Consumers as well as stakeholders such as transport companies would be able to benefit from the system by the use of crypto currency tokens. The core aspect of Moveco centers on linking the different kinds of mobility services that exist and compiling data from users that can help transport companies in different ways.
The future of mobility in cities is multimodal and integrated with the focus on people and not vehicles like it is today. At Moveco, we believe consumers can play a significant role in building the future where mobility is believed to be shared, autonomous and electric.
The Mobility Ecosystem That Turns Your Miles Into Rewards
Consumers can positively contribute to the future of mobility and earn MOV while doing so. Share your mobility data to help with urban planning or to build the next autonomous vehicle. Get instantly rewarded with MOV tokens that can be used on your next gas bill.

Features of Moveco

This platform is based on the stellar network, which has an established presence in the blockchain technology framework. The system flaunts the following features:

moveco App
The system depends on MOV as the token for transactions that would record data and other kinds of transactions on the platform.Stellar forms the payment network for this system with conveniences like low transaction fees and fast processing time.
Data would be collected from users who join the network and at the same time the data would be kept secured.
Data would be stored in encrypted manner and would be validated by MovNet system.
The IP address of the users is used for validating the data, but it is not stored or used in any other way.
Data reports as well as insights would be generated on the platform which would help companies and individuals to study driving behaviors or when autonomous driving modules are being developed.
Moveco is a unique concept that has much potential for the automobile industry. While it can help ride sharing, autonomous driving, cab service apps and other related industries, it would also reward users who contribute their data by staying connected to this platform and allowing their movement data to be recorded. The model would have to prove its reliability and security of the platform to convince users of the safety of the platform. Investors interested in this model can invest in its ICO which is coming up and would provide sale of tokens of this platform at discounted rates.



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