Ligercoin-The Premium Cryptocurrency

Ligercoin is based on an Ethereum driven platform & revolutionize the online & offline casino gaming and fantasy sports industry.

About LIGER Project

LIGER is one of the platforms designed on blockchain technology to win the trust factor of the better and put the service providers in a good light. The main objective of this platform is to make the betting business transparent, safe, and intermediary free. LIGER is creating a platform where the service provider and the better will be able to form a community and use the LIGER cryptocurrency for P2P content transfer.

LIGER is trying to solve the issue of trust between the better and service providers, high transaction cost, financial frauds, low acceptance of cryptocurrency, credit rating, excessive volatility, speed, and convenience. LIGER uses the ERC20 token interface to issue the tokens and will be made sure that the tokens are accepted all across the platform.

LIGER Coin ensures liquidity through regular and large acceptance thereby minimizing concerns like privacy, taboo, liquidity, speed of settlement and safety.

LIGER brings the best processes, swifter transactions and smartest thinking to the table. Its advanced features of safety and anonymity are ready to win hearts and games. A new age platform, reliability and a proficient team make Liger project different from other projects.

LIGER is a top end blockchain technology led safe cryptocurrency for Online/Offline Gaming and Casinos; and access to Fantasy Sports. It ensures liquidity through regular and large acceptance thereby minimizing concerns like privacy, taboo, liquidity, speed of settlement and safety. It is generated on the Ethereum platform with ERC20 standards.

Casino or any other betting arena cannot flourish if the better and the casino owner don’t trust each other. Betting is definitely one of the oldest forms of entertainment for people across the globe and now it has evolved as a structured industry trying to serve the betters well.

There are several countries in the world where betting is illegal, but that doesn’t stop people from that country to bet. They visit other countries where betting is legal and try their luck. But, these types of betters find it difficult to transfer funds because they can’t use card or fund transfer. All these problems make the life of the betters miserable. But, not anymore, LIGER is here to change the game-play.


As the games will be designed and developed on blockchain technology ensuring the fairness of the online and offline outcomes. The token holders of LIGER can play for the Casino or against the casino through the staking mechanism. Gamers can join the live games through Liger app allowing them to bet on live casino tables. In most cases, the user’s loose credit ratings when they engage in any kind of betting because spending money in a Casino is not projected as a good investment. But, on this platform, the betters can use the platform anonymously without hurting their credit ratings.

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