Invacio-decentralized blockchain banking system

Tamius is Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system

Tamius is Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system. Built upon our AI technologies, Tamius integrates crypto- and traditional fiat currencies in a single, perfectly secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that makes high-speed cross-currency and cross-border transactions simple and intuitive. With all the functionality expected of conventional fiat-based banking facilities in addition to a number of important innovations, and offering exchange at interbank rates, Tamius is a revolution in fiat and crypto-banking.

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Offering also variable interest rates that reflect Invacio’s success, and which never drop below an already generous minimum; a card enabling transactions to be made online and at point of sale, providing access to both fiat and crypto-funds at ATMs worldwide; with perfectly secure end-to-end encrypted Zero-Knowledge communications, and offering even a military-grade, secure and free to operate online communications framework, so that transactions can be conducted in the densest and remotest of environments, Tamius is like nothing before in the world of banking… Tamius Card Directly connected to your INV digital wallet, a Tamius Card allows transactions to be made virtually and at point of sale, and provides instant access to funds at ATMs worldwide. Credit, Loans, Savings, Bonds, Investments and Trading Services With a minimum interest cap of 2% regardless of performance, Tamius offers interest rates that track Invacio’s revenue growth, allowing customers to benefit directly from Invacio’s success. One Wallet/Application For Everything Tamius’s wallet Application (INV Wallet) allows the user several holding accounts across multiple currencies (both fiat and crypto), each with a unique account ID. Unhackable Communications Channels The ultimate in communications security. We have developed our systems to give you complete peace of mind when communicating even the most sensitive information. Read More About Monanex Exchange-100 Airdrop Free Thrive-Build a Better Internet Crypto bounty Complete List List of All Crypto Events

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