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Gilgamesh Platform Gilgamesh Platform-Knowledge-sharing social network platform March 26, 2018
 Crymix Crymix Project-A new blockchain platform and ecosystem March 31, 2018
hostcoin token sale Hostcoin-Web hosting service introducing a new level of safety April 1, 2018
Logo KYC.LEGAL-Blockchain-based Identity Verification Platform April 1, 2018
Logo DateCoin-Dating service that uses neural networks and artificial intelligent algorithms April 1, 2018
Logo SafinusPlatform for Investments in Cryptocurrencies and ICOs April 2, 2018
Logo AlttexA platform for investors to make money by participating in ICO
April 3, 2018
 Stamps Platform Stamps PlatformA platform for the issuance of equality in startups and established business alik April 4, 2018
Graph grail ico GraphGrail-A blockchain based artificial intelligence platform April 4, 2018
Logo Ethera Coin-A decentralized travel booking marketplace April 4, 2018
Logo THRIVE-Premium Decentralized AD Marketplace April 5, 2018
Logo Talenter-Open System to share talents and connect people via blockchain technology April 6, 2018
Logo Fox Trading-A trading service for forex and cryptocurrencies April 7, 2018
Logo Fox Trading-A trading service for forex and cryptocurrencies April 9, 2018
Logo Cubaaz-A blockchain-based tourist search engine April 10, 2018
Logo Cryptics-An AI-based public crypto analytics platform April 14, 2018
Logo HPlus-A decentralize health record management system April 14, 2018
Logo CryptalDashA robust crypto exchange and trading platform
April 15, 2018
Logo AntiqMall-Blockchain-based Antiques Marketplace April 15, 2018
Logo VinChain-A blockchain-based vehicle history platform April 15, 2018
Logo Asset Token-Transferrable Credit Card Rewards Point Token April 15, 2018
Logo Virtual Lakshmi-A P2P cryptocurrency April 15, 2018
Logo Nousplatform-Platform provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds April 17, 2018
Logo  Illum-A cryptocurrency platform April 17, 2018
Logo Viewly-A decentralized video platform April 22, 2018
Logo Lunes Platform-A blockchain-based platform which offers a pack of financial and authenticity records solutions April 25, 2018
Logo MEXC-A token for the use in emergency and medical services April 29, 2018
Logo Ellcrys-Decentralized Git Hosting for Millions of Developers and Designers April 30, 2018
Logo Etheera-Blockchain-based Real Estate Platform April 30, 2018
Logo PlayBets-Decentralized game platform with a catalog of mass gambling games April 30, 2018
Logo XMoneta-A decentralized encrypted messendger for social and business communication April 30, 2018
Logo MedCredits-Blockchain powered platform connecting patients and doctors worldwide April 30, 2018
Logo PayAll-Blockchain-based Financial Infrastructural Platform April 30, 2018
Logo Benebit-The Currency for Customer Loyalty April 30, 2018
Logo VRT World-Blockchain ecosystem for developers, players and business in VR April 30, 2018
Logo  SuperPay-A mobile payment platform April 30, 2018
Logo  Quantum Block-An Ethereum-based decentralized ecosystem with exchange and decentralized lending platform April 30, 2018
Logo  Emyron Coin-A cryptocurrency April 30, 2018
Logo  IDOM-A multi-cryptotrading platform April 30, 2018
Logo BlockBits-A decentralized investments platform May 5, 2018