How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

How to transfer contacts from Android to Android

you can transfer contacts from Android to Android as There are three ways to do this.All the three methods are convenient and easy to use. It totally depends on the user what they like. All the methods are explained in detail for the users.

Method 1:

Sync Contacts in Gmail Account and open it in New Phone
Every Android Phone makes it compulsory for the user to use Gmail services and download apps via Google Playstore. One of the features of Gmail is that it sync data in your phone to Google database. You can use this data to move contacts from one phone to other. Let us see the steps for that.
If you cannot see your contacts on your Google contacts, here’s how to sync your contacts to your Gmail account to your phone.
You need to sync your contacts to your Gmail Account to your device to see your contacts on your Google contacts.
Make sure your phone has Gmail installed.
Open the App Drawer, Go to “Setting” and then click on “Accounts and Sync“
Make sure the Accounts and syncing service are enabled
On your email accounts set up click on “Gmail” and ensure that Sync Contacts option is enabled.
Now tap “sync now” and your contacts should be synchronized with your Gmail account.
Method 2:
Use Android Assistant to Transfer Contacts from Android to Android
Android Assistant is an easy-to-use program that can sync contacts from one Android phone to computer, and then transfer them from computer to other Android device without any hassle. Not only contacts but also SMS messages, photos, videos, music, apps and more can be transferred between two Android devices as well. Thousands of Android phone and tablets are supported by this program, including Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Motorola and so on. Now, you can follow the step-by-step tutorial as below to transfer you contact phone numbers from Android phone to Android.
Let us see the Steps which are required to move contacts using Android contacts transfer.

Step 1: Launch Android contacts transfer and connect old Android phone
Install the program after downloading it. Then, launch it and then connect your old Android phone to the same computer with a USB cable. The program will automatically detect the Android phone once the connection is successful.
Step 2: Backup contacts from old Android phone to computer

You can see that all files are listed on the main interface, including Apps, Music, Photo, Video, Book, Files, Contacts, and so on. Just click the “Contacts” button and you can preview the whole contact list with details. Select your needed contacts and hit the “Backup” button to export the Android phone contacts to computer.
Step 3: Sync contacts to the new Android phone from computer
After all, contacts are transferred to the computer, you can disconnect your old Android phone and turn to connect your new Android phone to the computer once again. Restart the program to let it detect the new Android phone and then you can click the button of “Restore” on the program window to bring out all backup records you have made with this program. Just choose the contacts you have transferred in the above step and start to restore them to your new Android phone.
Method 3:
Use Phone Transfer to Directly Sync Contacts between Android Phones
Phone Transfer software is designed to transfer files between two devices in an easy and fast way, no matter they are running the same operating systems or different. With this software, you can share contacts from one Android phone to another Android phone within simple clicks. Aside from contacts, you can also use this software to copy other files like music songs, videos, apps, and much more. As to the supported devices, this software is compatible with various devices running Android, iOS, and Symbian OS.
Below is the free trial version of this software! You can download the right version and follow the below tutorial to transfer contacts from Android phone to another Android phone!
First of all, open the installed software on the computer and then get your two Android phones connected to the computer via two USB cords. Then you will see the below interface. Please choose the Phone to Phone Transfer mode to go on.
The file folders are arranged on the top panel. You can then enter the different file tab to preview more detailed information. While previewing, you can pick out the contacts you want to transfer from one Android to another Android. Finally, click on the left or right arrow direction to begin the file transfer process. Then just wait for the process to get completed within a little while.
It does not matter if you use Windows or Mac, just download the right version of this Phone Transfer software and follow the same steps.

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