How to Run Android Apps in your PC

How to Run Android Apps in your PC

Android is the most used and the most famous operating system in the world at this time. It runs over the most of the Smart phones in the world in cheap phones and in expensive smart phones such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony Xperia e.t.c. Even Microsoft recently launched its some of the Smartphone’s such as Microsoft XL that can easily run any of the android apps in it. Android doesn’t only runs in Smartphone’s it even runs in Washing Machines , Smart televisions , Smart Cars , Smart watches , Gaming consoles , notebooks e.t.c

The reason why Android is loved by peoples more than other Smart phones operating system is that it is Open source and is available for cheap smart phones too so that every standard people can buy phones with android. Android is open source so that millions of android developers are getting employed from their Android apps.

The main reason of which android is the most used mobile operating system is that it launches dozens of Apps daily created by its developers worldwide and these apps attracts users to use Android phone.

The amount of cool apps that Android can support mostly cannot run in other Smart phone operating system.

Android releases apps daily in many categories such as Education, Games, Photography, Personalization, Editing and Music e.t.c.

Android has more features than any other Mobile operating system such as feature of Multitasking any android user do two work at a same time such as he or she can watch movie in half screen and at that same time he or she can make video call with their friends through Skype or any video calling client who is also watching the same movie in his Android phones while he or she is not near you enough

Or he or she cans also Text with their friends with Whatsapp or SMS and at the same time can also use Face book in other half screen.

Android is good in switching between many apps running in the Phone such as  you can Switch to facebook from YouTube by just pressing the “Left” button in your Smart phone.

After having all these features in Android there is still a main problem that can stop anybody to have access to these features.

Not all of the people in this world can afford Android Smartphone even if they are so cheap; there can be many other reasons such as Parents don’t allow using Phones and others

“Blue Stacks App Player” made this work amazingly possible from which you can easily use all of the apps in your Computer at home

Features of “Blue stacks”

  1. Blue stacks App Player Is a free software that let you run all of the android apps in itself in your own Desktop computer or Laptop computer
  2. Blue stacks works almost exact same as Android works on mobiles.
  3. The functions of blue stacks is same like Android phones and it is easy to use any of the android apps in your Computer through blue stacks
  4. You will not have to go to the plays store Blue stacks has its own built in android apps store you can easily download apps from it.
  5. Even you can easily run Whatsapp , Snapchat , Viber and other all of the apps free through Blue stacks

You can download “Blue stacks App Player” free from its official site:

Secret Tip:

Using this application, You also may create Gmail accounts as much as you want without providing a mobile phone number for verification.

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