How to Hide SMS and Call Logs On Android Phone

How to Hide SMS and Call Logs On Android Phone

There are different ways, and the best and easiest way is Shady Contacts.
How To Hide SMS And Call Logs On Android Phone Using Shady Contacts
Once you install it, you are asked to access the call logs and SMS’s via the app.
Tap accept button to allow it to access your data.
After finishing the installation set the unlock pattern by pressing the “Continue Button”.
Draw the desired pattern.
Now record it.
A different screen will appear containing the call logs, SMSs, and contact numbers.
From the list of these, you can choose the desired ones hidden from the log, and message list.
The features include:
What you get with this app is hidden SMS and call logs both from prying people and from the third party/stock apps.
An unlock code PIN /pattern protection.
Ability to avoid the app from interacting with the launcher which by default, you can un-hide using ***123456###.
Auto-lock, auto-destroy, and quick lock features.
This app also restores call logs/ texts from the stock apps.
It comes with a holo theme, that means you won’t have any memory-based trouble.
There are, no doubt, other apps to let you take the security measures. The other ones are given here. Because the installation and execution steps are quite similar to that of Shady Contacts, I thought to skip the repetition and just stick to their features. Here they are

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