Gagapay Network-The Smart Marketing Platform

Gagapay is developing a smart marketing platform

Powered by blockchain technology, for marketers to build their own affiliate, referral, network marketing, loyalty and bounty programmes.
Gagapay is a trusted platform, building an all-in-one platform that utilizes the NEO blockchain. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform uses smart contracts for the designing and executing of marketing programs and is complemented by a marketplace for companies to contract with marketers for their campaigns.

Gagapay Network will be integrated with (the company is launching this project separately as a ready-made product in Q3 2018 with prepaid cards) so as to facilitate the use and spending of cryptocurrency rewards for its customers.

Customers will pay an annual fee to access the SaaS platform to build and track their campaigns while the marketplace will connect affiliate marketers with campaigns that are looking for help.

The platform will solve the issue around trust between businesses and marketers. Smart contracts will automate the agreement between both parties, allow both sides to audit the agreement’s processes, and monitor the distribution of rewards.

Gagapay isn’t just for blockchain companies, it is hoping that non-blockchain companies will be swayed to use the platform with the trust and security promised by smart contracts. It will also seek to build a network of strategic partners in the sales and marketing space and open regional offices to increase awareness of Gagapay and its benefits. It is targeting the Asian market in particular.

The NEO blockchain
The startup is building the network on the burgeoning NEO blockchain. It has garnered a lot of attention recently as a new alternative to Ethereum and specifically, a solution to Ethereum’s well-documented scaling problems.


Gagapay Network aims to become the first blockchain-based build-your-own affiliate,referral, network marketing, loyalty and bounty program tool for: individual affiliate, network marketing and bounty agents; startups; SMEs and ultimately large enterprises seeking to expand their customer reach, brand recognition and drive sales.

Gagapay Network will be a SaaS platform that will solve the current smart marketing program adoption issues and lower entry barriers by offering: a blockchain secured backend office and self-executing smart contracts for a trusted, transparent relationship between companies and customers; open marketplace for smart marketing offers connecting companies with marketers and marketers with company, as well as the platform will feature possibility to target marketers for new campaign and program invitations; a simple drag-and-drop design tool with pre-made templates and on demand consultant agent; a low-cost annual subscription model, three membership; hosting of multiple campaigns and programs from a single membership account; low commission fees on payment transactions for fiat and crypto reward campaigns; most popular e-commerce, email, marketing analytics, CRM, SNS, tracking and payment plugins; mobile responsiveness and seamless integrations for custom domains and apps; open API; internally integrated e-commerce platform plugins and crypto wallet plugins; smart contract automated reward calculations and payouts (instant or scheduled); secure 2FA login with NEO Auth.
Project Details

Gagapay is a blockchain-powered project. It enables the client to create the intelligent marketing package. It aimed at conducting network marketing loyalty services, and bounty activities run on the smart contracts. Gagapay is the minor subsidiary of Minor sale Limited founded in the second quarter of 2017.Since it obtained more than 45000 clients and 50000 ongoing minor contracts. Gagapay enterprise also holds the public marketplace for the enterprise to announce their campaign activities.


The following are the profit Enterprise:

You will be observing the real-time performance and validating the history.
You will get the automatic reward distribution and credentials based on the performance.
A comprehensive overview of network structure is perceived after the determination of calculating the roadmap.
You will be supported with the cryptocurrency methodology to hire the blockchain technology implementation.
The perfect interface will be navigated with the open source of API may be rest or streamline overview.
You can integrate with the modules and easy propagation between the configurations among the end user.

The core of architecture is built with NEO public and private, frontend, backend and public sectors. The Pre-Scale is started on 23 APR 2018 at 0.03 USD and end on 24 APR 2018.The Public-Scale is started on 30 APR 2017 at 0.05 USD and end on 15 July 2018.Total Tokens available is 1,000,000,000.

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