EXCHAIN-Blockchain-based Advertising Platform

EXCHAIN is a blockchain-based platform

that will turn a significant proportion of the $228.44 billion digital ad spend into immutable proof of evidence chains for end-to-end “E2E” transparent and fraud-free advertising. It en-ables all advertisers to execute digital advertising campaigns with fully tracked, verified and audited ad spend on clean advertising inventory sources. For publishers and service providers EXCHAIN replaces the traditional insertion order mechanism to allow real time processing of revenue payment.

About Exchain
E2E Ad Spend Transparency and Verification. The EXCHAIN platform provides full coverage of ad spend transparency and ad impression through every stage of the ad chain. Using secured decentralised storage, EXCHAIN stores all smart contracts and event logs for easy ad spend audit. EXCHAIN verifies each of the rendered impressions based on the rules the advertisers set in the smart contract and records the spend for that particular impression. The reporting system enables immutable proof of spend and impression evidence and provenance for transparent advertising.
Fraud Inventory Detection and Elimination. The EXCHAIN platform addresses the fraud issue using an ad spend cash flow approach. Instead of attempting to use big data to sample and determine fraudulent sources on a probabilistic basis, EXCHAIN uses a decentralised ad spend distribution mechanism to prevent revenue from being taken by fraudsters out of the ad value chain by fraudsters. Fraudulent operators, such as those involved in domain spoofing, will not have access to a revenue receive gateway and the
EXCHAIN platform will provide a deterministic way to reveal such fraud and remove it completely.
Real-Time Ad Spend Handling and Payment. The EXCHAIN platform will replace the traditional paper insertion orders (“IO”) with digital smart contracts. All stakeholders of advertising campaigns, e.g. advertisers, agencies, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, are able to execute a smart contract electronically, and as a result, real-time ad spend handling and payment processing becomes possible. The EXCHAIN platform’s smart contract system interacts with its SMART API for real time impression verification and ad spend handling and payment processing. The smart contract also legally binds all parties of a campaign in a unified ad serving channel.
Unrestricted Advertising Currency. The EXCHAIN platform enables advertisers to use a single advertising currency, EXT tokens, to achieve their global ambitions. EXT tokens will be used in all stages of the ad chain, and remove certain inherent restrictions on conducting business on a global basis. Advertisers can easily purchase EXT tokens from major coin exchanges and thereby acquire advertising resources in the blockchain advertising ecosystem that is the EXCHAIN platform. EXT tokens are also designed for adoption outside the EXCHAIN ecosystem for the open-sourced modules the platform intends to bring to the digital space.

Benefits Of Using The EXCHAIN Platform

  1. Increased Advertiser ROI: Less Spend, More User Acquisition
  2. Higher Publisher Yield: More Revenue, Less Fees
  3. Centralised Governance: Closer Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration
  4. ower Financial Risk: Real-Time Revenue Payout

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