ETHEREUM Fork to Ethereum Classic Vision

ethereum classic vission fork

What is Ethereum Classic Vision?

Ethereum fork Classic vision a fork of Ethereum that leverages the excellent of both worlds ,actual decentralization of Ethereum traditional and contemporary protocols developed for ETH, consisting of pos mining and sharding.
Ethereum Classic vision has a completely big scale, excessive pace and capable of offer excessive appreciation for the miners. so with the start of Ethereum Classic vision hardfork so as to occur on January 11th, 2019 able to solution the demanding situations of the market presently.

Benefits of Ethereum Fork Classic vision

Ethereum fork classic vision combines all three capabilities that a in reality successful blockchain as decentralization, scalability, and safety.

1.A greater efficient, at ease, and worthwhile mining protocol a good way to hold the network absolutely decentralized.
2.Launching a smart contract will incur a minimal one-time price, unused agreement can be located in brief sleep country because of a vote.
3.ETCV community will be able to system 25000+ transactions per 2d compared to just 25 in ETH.
4.Cheap decentralized document garage in your dapp.
ETCV miners do now not want to fear that their praise will be arbitrarily lowered  in our gadget, miner and dealer hobbies are carefully balanced.
5.Lower fees suggest that ETCV mining can be profitable for character miners with hardware as easy as raspberry pi
6.ETCV holders earn greater coins with the aid of staking them, so there is no motive to sell  for this reason, the price of ETCV will rise step by step in.
7.There may be no danger that massive mining pools will take over the manage of the ETCV blockchain.

ETCV is the quality because it combines the 3 essential features of blockchain which are scalability, decentralization and security.
The assignment will use (evidence-of-stake). to get tokens, we are able to handiest want to keep them in our wallet. greater than 25,000 transactions according to 2nd as compared to 25 ethereum transactions integration with ipfs one-time charge for the introduction of a smart contract.

Bounty campaign

ethereumcv Fork

ETCV bounty is really worth 5000,000 ETCV token, it is not necessary to be the owner of a certain amount of eth in your pockets.The group decided to behavior a beneficent campaign for 5 million ETCV. campaign deadline is january 11, 2019.

Link to the project Bounty Compaign

For Further Information about Ethereum Classic Vision visit below Links.


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