Electrominer-Mining with Solar powered Blockchain


What is Electrominer?

Electrominer is a mining poo having own data centers equipped with ASIC and GPU miners to mine profitably and effectively.
Electrominer is building its own solar energy station to minimize electricity expenses and reduce negative environmental impact of cryptomining. Electrominer Mobile Data center units are housed in shipping containers, allowing high mobility for easy transportation.
Electrominer was created to address the challenges of mining PoW based cryptocurrencies. The rise in popularity and success of cryptocurrencies was achieved due to the interest and passion of crypto-enthusiasts just like you, Bitcoin’s earliest users. Back then, almost anyone could mine crypto because mining was profitable using nothing more than the average laptop. Compare that to present day cryptomining, which now has an entire industry built around it. Today’s mining enthusiasts have to invest in expensive specialized mining hardware to turn a profit, or take a risk by investing into long term cloud mining contracts based on static hashrates.

Benefits of ElectroMiner

By simplifying the process and lowering the risks typically associated with cloud mining, the Electrominer project aims to attract both new comers and seasoned veterans.
ZERO POWER COST STRATEGY-Electominer is aimed at reaching maximum power independence using all the available technologies and strategies. We will be using solar energy during the day purchasing power at night from the grid that is classified by the utility company as alternative energy to achieve our Zero Power Cost Strategy.
ECO-FRIENDLY ENERGY SOURCE-Electrominer data centers will be powered by solar energy which makes mining sustainable, self-expandable and eco-friendly.
Electrominer team provides full support, maintenance and upgrade of mining equipment so that the users do not have to worry about technical aspects of mining.
UNLIMITED, ADJUSTABLE CONTRACTS-With electrominer you can mine any PoW based coin/algorithm you want, wherever you want and as long as you want. Users have an opportunity to place even 1-hour long orders.
INITIAL TOKEN OFFERING Electrominer Tokens (ELM) have a fixed supply and represent a share of total mining capacity available for rent on the Electrominer platform to use for mining Bitcoin and other PoW based coins. Electrominer’s total mining capacity will grow proportionally with the expansion of our mining facilities. In other words, Electrominer Tokens allow you to access the Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform to mine a variety of coins. ELM will never become obsolete, outdated, or broken. ELM can be used for mining coins and sharing in Electrominer’s ever-increasing mining capacity, and it can be sold at any time.

Project Information

Technical specification: ERC20 token
Total Token Supply: 100 000 000 ELM
Available token for sale: 70 000 000 ELM
Hard Cap: $ 50,000,000
Soft Cap: $ 5,000,000
Price per Token: $ 0.7142

Project Official Links

Website: https://electrominer.io/
Whitepaper: https://electrominer.io/docs/white_paper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/electrominerITO
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/electrominerITO/
Telegram: https://t.me/electrominer

Opinion:This project will mean a big step into eco-friendly future of crypto-mining industry with an expandable and self-sufficient mechanism driven by community.

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