Digital Ticks-Revolutionary commodity cryptocurrency exchange

Digital Ticks ICO (DTX)-Commodity Crypto Exchange

About DTX

Digital Ticks is a Commodity –Crypto Exchange designed by traders for trading. It is a user friendly exchange, feature packed with ultra low latency exchange platform with robust technology for providing ease of trading.
They value and protect your privacy and the security of your wallet. Digital Ticks Exchange team has undertaken significant measure to ensure this. They have Multi Signature Wallets, 2-factor Google Authentication and DDoS protection.

Their revenue model consists of Exchange Commission Fees, Withdrawal Fees, Listing Fees and a few micro-transactions to make trading process smooth.
Traders — The most important and integral part of crypto exchange. Digital Ticks has gone a step ahead to develop a more user friendly, featured pack, ultra-low latency crypto exchange with robust technology for providing ease of trading.

Offical Website:

Advantages Of Using DTX Tokens

Trading Multiple instruments:

 Users can put multiple orders together in different instrument at the same time.
Single Click Portfolio View: It is a facile process to looks at multiple instruments on a single screen.
OCO Order:

 Also known as One Cancels the Other order. In this they let one order square off against another and as one order hits, another gets cancelled automatically.
Easy and Fast Trading: 

Trading through mouse and use of hotkeys makes the trading process intuitive and uncomplicated.
Volume Based Discounts Model: Digital Ticks Exchange discounted trading fees for its high- volume traders.
DTX Tokens

The token is ERC20 compliant and empowered by Ethereum Blockchain. Right now the token can be purchased by BTC, ETH and Wire Transfer. A total of 128 million tokens will be available of which 50% will be used for Token sale, 20% goes to the founding team, 10% for the referral program, 10% is set aside for the reserves, 8% is for advisors and 2% is for Bounty Program.

30% of the funds will be used to build the Exchange Platform, 40% will be utilized for branding and marketing, 15% of the funds will be held in reserved for liquidity to be allocated as needed, 5% of the funds will be used for legal framework, 5% for the day to day operation and 5% will be used for security and auditing.
Digital Ticks has been very popular in the crypto community with multiple media sources covering their token sale. Its design is perfect for being adopted by novice traders, professional traders and high frequency traders.

more about their product or participate in their ICO follow below official links





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