Corbit Decentralized Exchange

What is CORBIT?

CORBIT is a decentralized Exchange based on the Ethereum platform. The goal is for the platform to be as fast, functional and user friendly as the best centralized Exchange. With the exception that it is much safer, since each user has control over his own cryptograohic assets.

High Security
You always have the control of your funds even if they’re stored in our smart contract.

Direct Payment
Trade cryptographic assets not only among each other, but also for fiat money and vice versa.

Enormous Volume
can handle incredible high trading volume with our new machanism called COCM.

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Mobile Devices
You can use CORBIT with your mobile device to buy, sell and trade all your favourite cryptographic assets.

Complex Trades
It is possible to use all kind of limit orders as you are used to from centralized exchanges.

No MetaMask
No more transaction costs via MetaMask. We pay for them for you and then charge them in the trade.

Join Now & Get 30 Free Tokens 

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