Paycent-A Cashless and Mobile Transactions

Paycent-Cashless and Mobile Transactions Paycent offers a digital payment platform with fully integrated mobile applications, enabling its users to transact in real time 24/7 while allowing merchants to accept cashless payments more easily and conveniently using a separate customized merchant app. Paycent saves not only time but money as all features like bills payments or sending funds is only a

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UCASH-the first ever Initial Bounty Offering

UCASH a peer-to-peer Global Financial Services Network, will be launching the UCASH IBO, the first ever Initial Bounty Offering (IBO). “UCASH is a blockchain based financial platform and digital asset converter network with a built-in cryptocurrency for payments of fees, execution of smart contracts and additional functionality. Our retail converters are our branches and ATMs.” (Source from whitepaper) UCASH IBO

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Free Bitcoins Every Hour-Free satochi

Free Bitcoins Every Hour-free satoshi here are many websites claim that they are giving free satoshis and Free btc but this website is most trust worthy and legit as it is live since 2008 and paying on regular basis also they are giving commissions to all members without any cost so what are you waiting for JOIN NOW and start

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