BlocNation dICO (BNTN Token) on Komodo Blockchain

First dICO on the Komodo Platform.

Cryptocurrency integration for, SE Asia’s largest cashless payment and brand activation platform.

BlocNation is powered by PouchNation and built on the Komodo blockchain.
Unlocking the Lifestyle Payment Ecosystem in Asia through Blockchain Innovation – The Blocnation token(BNTN) will be utilized throughout southeast Asia’s leading cashless payment community of events and venues, PouchNATION

BlocNation developed a blockchain-based decentralized application that will function as a hub for the token economy at PouchNation events, venues, and hotels. The BNTN application enables users to hold altcoins, purchase event tickets, refill their wallets online, rent hostels, and more.

The BlocNation (BNTN) token is used to unlock crypto-payment capabilities for PouchNation.
What is PouchNation?
PouchNation was established in 2012. They give access to wristbands that allow cashless payments at various events, venues, and festivals.

They also offer event organizers and brands an end-to-end guest management platform for audiences from 3,000 – 150,000 guests. PouchNation helps their clients manage guest experience with ticketing and cash payments.
When Will BlocNation dICO Take Place?
BlocNation’s dICO will begin April 17, 2018, and tokens will be available for purchase via the website.
BlocNation’s token sale will start soon, and they have announced exciting news for the community. They are giving away 2,000,000 (two million) BNTN tokens.

BlocNation would be giving out those tokens to people who follow the instructions as stated below.
Giveaway Details
1,000,000 BNTN tokens would be sent to registered Komodo (KMD) addresses that qualify.

Another 1,000,000 BNTN tokens will be offered as a stretch goal and will be distributed equally amongst KMD registered wallet addresses if BlocNation’s telegram exceeds 15k members.

Registration closes 10th April 2018.

Airdrop will occur after the ICO concludes.
More details can be found on the Komodo website.
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