BITEX-First locally embedded Block chain based crypto-bank

About Bitex project

The Bitex Coin is a utility token that will be used by participants of the Bitex cryptobanking platform to pay for service provided by Bitex.

Bitex was created to be the first locally implanted crypto bank aimed at providing cryptocurrency-based digital financial services to its users in every region when available globally so bitex will provide licensed technology platforms with its cryptocurrency-based digital services.This platform can make an impact on society and the benefits of this cryptocurrency-based digital economy can win more efficiently and quickly than today’s banking.

This blockchain-based crypto banking platform uses blockchain, with smart contracts based on ethereum financial that can transact with blockchain-based financial services without intermediaries so that transactions are fast and secure.
ecosystem and the service available to or provided by each.

Components of the Bitex

BitexPay, next generation payment solution for consumers and
traders; and represents the service offered by Bitex to consumers and merchants for payment of goods and services using cryptocurrencies.
By maintaining suitable balances in their Payment Wallets, consumers can also set up, via the EZBitex platform, typical recurring payments for utilities, subscriptions, etc.

About EXBitex 

EZBitex, currency exchange and banking infrastructure with decentralization, distributed and lasting ledgers are provided by Bitex, who support works from the whole system: Trading, Currency exchange, Staking, and Loans.

*.Offer conversions from crypto to crypto, from fiat to crypto and from fiat to fiat all in this one exchange.
*.Offer payment gateways (provided by established third parties such as Braintree or Stripe) for the purchase of cryptocurrencies using a credit card, debit card or online banking.
*. Host the various types of consumer wallets (Payment, Trading, Staking, Loan) associated with consumer accounts and provide the various services described in earlier sections.
*.Provide APIs to access the EZBitex functions to third parties that want to use EZBitex as their payment platform.
*.Provide Bitex-branded ATMs in locations where Bitex operates, to allow use of physical and virtual BitexPay cards as well as third party “Powered by Bitex” cards.
*.Offer business-to-business payments for goods and services with invoices and receipts.

About XBX Token

All financial transactions on the EZBitex platform will be fueled by the XBX token. The XBX token is therefore the utility token that allows various stakeholders in the Bitex financial ecosystem to use its offered services. These tokens, of which there will be a total of 300,000,000, will be available only during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO). No XBX tokens will be issued after the ICO. Afterwards, the XBX token is expected to be listed on various crypto exchanges including the EZBitex exchange. Such listing exchanges which will be identified later. Stakeholders can purchase XBX tokens from these exchanges or other token holders.

The token to be used by the Bitex crypto-bank is called Bitex Coin, with the symbol XBX. It will conform to the ERC-223 token standard to permit integration with existing wallet and exchange software.

Symbol: XBX
Token name: Bitex Coin
Total supply: 300,000,000 XBX
Secured ways to purchase tokens: XBX tokens will be available for purchase using Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH) or the following fiat currencies: CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DKK and SGD.

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