REPU Platform

Smart reputation managment on blockchain

RepuCoins are a virtual currency used inside the platform to pay for the company’s reputation management services (including monthly, quarterly, half year, and annual subscriptions). They can also be used to reward users for ratings, or to make internal payments for goods and services within the REPU ecosystem. RepuCoins are automatically generated by the REPU smart contract when a company pays for reputation management services with its own means. There’s a total supply of 250 million REPU tokens. 175 million will be sold during the ICO. Those tokens will be frozen until March 30, 2019. The remaining tokens are reserved for a pre-ICO (5% or 12.5 million), a closed round sale (5% or 12.5 million), bounties and PR (5% or 12.5 million), advisors (2.5% of 6.25 million), a lottery (0.5% or 1.25 million), the team and founders (10% or 25 million), and a bonuses/reserve fund (5 million). Repu’s goal is to change the way of perception and interaction among social network users, through the use of the rating system, as well as the way of managing the company’s reputation, by obtaining real business ratings from users. An important objective is also the possibility of assessing a person in terms of professional qualities for the subsequent employment. This eliminates the subjective opinion of the recruiter and the impact of the resume on employment.The system provides a platform for evaluating individual companies / products / employees – any user of the system has the opportunity to provide rating with a review for each element of the business. Thus, business owners get an opportunity to analyze every single unit of their company, and also perform a flexible communication with their customers. Website Link: Whitepaper:

Advantages of Repu:

Banks: Banks could adjust their credit rating based on values from the REPU system. Insurance Companies: Insurance companies could adjust the size of insurance payouts based on the client’s rating. Recruiters: Recruiters can assess individuals in terms of their professional skills and social adaptation based on their rating. Law Enforcement Agencies: Police can assess an individual’s rating to determine if they’re a danger to society. Ordinary Citizens: Ordinary citizens can assess REPU ratings when meeting new people. Advertising Industry: Advertisers could target users who have a specific rating level. Hotel Industry: Hotels will be able to set conditions for the accommodations of customers. If a customer’s rating is below a certain level, for example, then they might face stricter conditions. All of these use cases are outlined in the REPU whitepaper. In order to get brief details of the project yoy may lead to below official sources of the project.





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