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PayPal alternatives for web bussiness

PayPal has launched a new “Pay After Delivery service” last year in UK and tested now in USA. It also has been announced its partnership with & Cyber-source ( both are Visa companies ) and entered agreement to receive payments from Bitcoin payment processors like; Coinbase, BitPay and GoCoin etc., So PayPal is no doubt a best and cheap online Payment Gateway for 203 countries in all over the world, But As you know, PayPal Provides its all services in some developed countries, But in most of developing countries, PayPal did not offer its all services in 203 countries, Like; User cannot send/receive money from personal or business account, In some countries, like; India and Vietnam, User can only withdraw money to a local bank, In 64 countries, User can only withdraw money to a US bank account and in rest 83 countries, User can create PayPal account, But cannot withdraw money to any bank account. For more services and restrictions; You can check, Which PayPal Service is Available in your Own Country.

Beside of, PayPal did not provide any list, Where PayPal is no longer available, So after checking one by one, We’ve established a complete list of countries, Where PayPal did not provide its any service, Like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Liberia, Syria, Palestine, Belarus, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Kosovo, Ivory Coast, Republic of North Korea, Gabon, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Haiti, Macedonia, Monaco, Moldova, Myanmar, Montenegro, Nigeria, Paraguay, Saint Lucia, Sudan, Timor-Leste and Zimbabwe. Anyway, PayPal has a plan to introduce its services in above 10 countries, like; Belarus, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Nigeria, Paraguay, and Zimbabwe , But we have no idea, When they will serve in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Palestine and many other countries like that.

At this condition, If you’re a citizen of not-served countries, All you need is to find a Best PayPal alternative to Process Online Payments for Your Business, So after a deep search, We’ve got a brief list of many Online Payment Processor companies with their details, If using a merchant account, they could be use to accept online payments through PayPal or separately with American, visa, credit/debit/master and many other cards from buyers.


Best Online payment processing service that helps you accept credit cards, PayPal, But they did not approve application easily, As 2checkout team verify your business first. (Most Recommended)

Skrill (Money Bookers)

Through Money booker’s merchant account, You can get online worldwide payments through all types of cards, but they charge monthly 22USD and customer has to create his account to pay you. (Most Recommended)


Best payment processor Gateway in all over the world except some countries, As It accepts all types of cards with many options to process online payments and also integrated with PayPal, But you need to approve your business first to get its merchant account. (Most Recommended)

Its a Good payment processor company, Using their services you can also accept all types of cards for online payment, But you’ve to show your business first to approve your merchant account. (Most Recommended)


Using payza merchant account, You can accept credit and debit cards payments, but they have less options to process online payments. They also ask business certificate before providing a merchant account. (Recommended)

Google Checkout

Its a good alternative of PayPal, But Recently, Google is not accepting merchant account at many countries, For which you can Check Google Wallet Supported Locations for Merchant Registration. (Recommended)

Amazon Payments

As an Online Payment processor, Amazon did not accept merchant account from Pakistan. Amazon accepts credit, debit, gift card and US bank account from buyers, But As you know’ PayPal is a competitor of Amazon Marketplace, So officially, Amazon does not accept PayPal, But customer still can use PayPal to pay for amazon products using a plugin “PayPal Everywhere online”.


As a better alternate of PayPal, Adyen is a technology provider powering payments for global commerce. With a solution for mobile, online and in-store transactions, It’s technology enables merchants to accept almost any type of payment, anywhere in the world, But they did not approve merchant account easily.(Recommended)

 Allied Wallet

Send and receive global payments through customer or merchant account for your e-commerce site. (Recommended If you can Get)

 Bit-coin Network

Bitcoin is open source Payment Processor Network with many options available at separately different sites, But yet have no more flexibility to integrate with other payment processor companies fer merchant services. (Yet Not Recommended)


Liqpay accept online payments, But we cannot understand its Russian language.


You can get cards payment through their merchant account, but they have no more options to send online invoices.


You can accept all types of cards for online payments, but you’ve to approve your site for no more processing options.


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