The Best Anonymous VPN Providers

The Best Anonymous VPN Providers

Browsing the Internet without any kind of protection can be really tricky these days. Information is becoming very easy to obtain with minimal knowledge, and security and privacy are being compromised on every front. And since most of our personal information is, indeed, being shared and kept online these days (including sensitive information such as pictures of our children), it makes the situation all the more dangerous. Even Internet service providers are constantly monitoring your connection, so in the event that you try to download a torrent, you’ll most likely receive a warning from them (even though there is nothing illegal about torrents and P2P technology on its own). So is there any way that you can encrypt your connection and protect yourself from anyone trying to eavesdrop on your online activity? There certainly is.

With a good VPN (short for virtual private network), you can set your connection up with some high-grade protection that will make it virtually impossible for anyone to see what you’re sharing online. The way a VPN works is rather simple to understand: before your connection even touches the web, it is first sent to a secure server (the VPN’s server), where it’s encrypted and given a new IP address. That means that whoever’s listening on the other end will have a much tougher time, and even if they do get ahold of “your” IP address, it won’t be your address at all, but the VPN’s.

As far as they’re concerned, you’re browsing from your VPN’s location. Using a VPN does introduce a new kind of security issue, though. Since your connection is sent through their servers, they can (and some do) keep logs of your traffic, which means that they know what you’re looking at online. To remain completely anonymous on the Internet, you therefore need to use a VPN that doesn’t log your activity. To make it easier for you, we’ve comprised a list of what we think are the safest and most anonymous VPNs out there. With these, you don’t have to worry about logging and are certain that your connection will not be compromised.


Hands-down one of the best and most popular VPN providers on the market. ExpressVPN offers amazing speeds, P2P support (if you tend to download torrents a lot), and it’s downright simple to use. If you need a hassle-free VPN that just works and won’t impact your connection speed, this one is for you. As for security and privacy, this VPN naturally supports all the standard protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP. You don’t have to worry about logs, because since ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands it’s under no obligations to share any of their data with the government, which means that they have no interest in keeping any logs, which they clearly state that they do not do.


Based in Panama, this VPN is another great choice if you’re looking to be invisible online. It’s very simple to use, no matter how experienced you are with computers. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that NordVPN has one of the best interfaces we’ve seen on a VPN.

NordVPN encrypts your connection twice instead of once, so your security will be on a whole new level. This is not something that many VPNs provide, and this VPN does so at no additional cost. Just like ExpressVPN, these guys keep absolutely no logs of your traffic, so what you’re looking at is your business and your business alone.


This VPN doesn’t fool around when it comes to security. PPTP, SSTP, and SSL are supported, and they offer 256-bit encryption, a NAT firewall and DDos protection, so you can browse at ease. If you have more than one device or perhaps share your Internet connection with a roommate or family member, you’ll be glad to know that you can connect up to five devices to PureVPN’s service at the same time, which is more than you will ever need. The interface is simple and intuitive and the speeds are fantastic, with a meager 7% drop in speed you’ll never notice that PureVPN is running at all.


If anonymity is what you’re looking for, IPVanish will provide. This provider ensures a strict zero logs policy, which means that none of your traffic is logged. If you want to remain completely invisible, you can even pay with Bitcoin, and then there’s truly no way for anyone to even know that you’re using a VPN.With more than 500 servers in over 60 countries, you can be sure that you’ll be able to find a close VPN server no matter where you live. As for security itself, IPVanish works with PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP, and features a 256-bit encryption. In addition, you have access to shared IPs with IPVanish, which means that your true location will remain a mystery no matter what.

Browsing the Internet without a good VPN these days is a disaster waiting to happen. There are a lot of people with malicious intents out there, and their tools are becoming better every day. You’d do well to protect yourself before something goes wrong and your data is compromised, and a VPN is truly one of the easiest and cheapest ways to do so.


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