VLOOKUP Function & Text To Colum in MS Excel

VLOOKUP Function & Text To Colum in MS Excel

Have you ever had two sets of bulk data on two different spreadsheets that you want to combine into a single spreadsheet?

For example, you might have a list of people’s names next to their working dates  in one spreadsheet, and a list of other list of people containing some first sheet names also but you want the only detail of some names.

If u go manually by finding and copying all data it will take too much time.I show u in this video how u can find out just in simple steps.

if you want to split out information that’s in one cell into two different cells, For example, maybe you want to pull out someone’s company name through their email address. Or perhaps you want to separate someone’s full name into a first and last name.
Here we can do this with simple tip.First, highlight the column that you want to split up. Next, go to the “Data” tab and select “Text to Columns.” A window box will appear with additional information.
First, you need to select either “Delimited” or “Fixed Width.”
“Delimited” means you want to break up the column based on characters such as commas, spaces, or tabs.
“Fixed Width” means you want to select the exact location on all the columns that you want the split to occur.


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