Transpose Data & Remove Duplicate Data in MS Excel

Transpose Data & Remove Duplicate Data in MS Excel

Larger data some how may have duplicate content.In situations like this, removing the duplicates very Simple.

To remove your duplicates, highlight the row or column that you want to remove duplicates of. Then, go to the Data tab, and select “Remove Duplicates” (under Tools). A pop-up will appear to confirm which data you want to work with. Select “Remove Duplicates,” and thats all.There is another way to find out the Duplicate Data in a Sheet which is mentioned in videos below

Transpose Data / Data arranging vertical to horizontal in MS Excel

If  have low rows of data in your spreadsheet, you might decide you actually want to transform the items in one of those rows into columns (or vice versa). It would take a lot of time to copy and paste each individual y – but here is the trick to do is simply move your row data into columns, or the other way around.

Start by highlighting the column that you want to transpose into rows. Right-click it, and then select “Copy.” Next, select the cells on your spreadsheet where you want your first row or column to begin. Right-click on the cell, and then select “Paste Special.” A small box will appear  at the bottom, you’ll see an option to transpose. Check that box and select OK. Your column will now be transferred to a row or vise versa.


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