Pivot Charts in MS Excel

Pivot Charts in MS Excel


PivotTables are a powerful tool in Excel that will allow you to quickly summarize, sort, filter, and analyze data. They can handle large amounts of data in lists and tables by organizing data, on the fly, by different rows and columns. This is faster, and more flexible for analyzing your data, as you don’t need to rely on formulas.

As like this is summary data

Count of PT Column Labels
Row Labels Annual Leave Grand Total
SHJ-B3 1 1
B 1 1
SHJ-B4 1 1
B 1 1
SHJ-D1 2 2
D 2 2
SHJ-D2 4 4
D 4 4
SHJ-D3 1 1
D 1 1
Grand Total 9 9

And this is full data 

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