MS Excel basic learning

MS Excel basic learning Formulas and functions

Learning Criteria

After completing the instructions in this booklet, you will be able to:

Edit and format large areas of a spreadsheet.
Effectively sort and arrange data.
Create and format tables to better organize data.
Use conditional formatting to highlight trends within data.

Using Ranges

Working with a range allows you to perform operations such as moving, copying, or formatting much faster than working with one cell at a time. The following figure contains terms and definitions encountered when using ranges.

Selecting a Range

The following explains how to select a range.

  1. Click the first cell that you want to select.

Highlight the cells that you want to include in the range.







Naming a Range

A range can also be defined by giving a name to a group of cells. For example, we could name the selection of cells above (see Figure 2), Eastern Region by following the steps listed below.
1. Highlight cells B4 through E4.
2. Click the Name Box.

  1. Type the name Eastern Region in the Name Box and press Enter.

    4. The name Eastern Region appears in Box for the range selected.  


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