Data Formatting and Pivot Table in MS Excel

Data Formatting and Pivot Table in MS Excel

Formatting as a Table

With Excel, you have the ability to format data as a table. With these tables, you may readily organize, sort, and filter your data while also easily making your cells visually appealing. The following explains how to format your data as a table.

Select the desired cell range that you wish to format as a table.

2. Click the Format as Table button located on the Home tab on the ribbon

3. In the drop-down that appears, select your desired Table style.
 4. In the Format as Table window, the cells you selected in step 1 will appear. Click OK.

5. The data will be formatted as a table according to your specifications.

Pivot Charts in MS EXCEL

Similar to PivotTables, PivotCharts can be used to quickly summarize, sort, filter, and analyze large amounts of data, and display that data as a visual representation. After creating your PivotTable, you can create a PivotChart using a variety of available charts (e.g. Pie, Line, Bar) that uses the same field settings.

Creating PivotCharts

The following will show you how to create a PivotChart from an existing PivotTable:

  1. Highlight the data you want to use for your PivotChart.
  2. In the Ribbon, Click the Insert tab.
  3. Highlight the data you want to use for your PivotChart.
  4. In the Ribbon, Click the Insert tab.
  5. Under the Charts grouping, click PivotChart.
  6. The Create PivotChart window appears to allow you to change the data range, choose where you want the PivotChart to be placed, and choose whether or not you want to analyze multiple tables. Make your selections and click OK. In this example, a new worksheet will be created.
  7. The PivotChart will be placed into your workbook on a new worksheet.
  8. The PivotChart Fields will appear on the right side of the screen.
  9. To change the chart type, click the chart and click the Change Chart Type in the Data grouping on the Design tab.
  10. Click a Chart Type
  11. Click the Chart Style you want to use
  12. Click OK to save the selection

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