Computer Mouse & Windows Secret Option

More secret right-click options

Secret right-click options revealed by the Shift key  when you right-click on a file or folder is allowing you to move the item quicklyor some simple options.

But if you Hold down the Shift key and you right-click a file or folder will add an absolute ton of new folder locations to the basic Send to menu.

How to Launch Open any opened window with simple Tip

Launch taskbar/Open windows programs with your keyboard

Every program to the right of the Start button is assigned its own numerical shortcut, with the first program being “1,” the second being “2,” and so on. By Pressing the Windows key, plus the number of the program you want to open, launches it. For example, in the image at left, pressing Window 3 launches the Internet browser. Pressing Window 5 launches the Sticky notes.

Add mouse-friendly check boxes to icons

To add check box to select multi folders Type Folder options into the Start Menu’s search bar. Next, open the “View” tab in the window that appears and check “Use check boxes to select items” checkbox is checked

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